Vanilla Ice Sends Korn’s Brian Welch A Message, Fans Find It ‘Lame’

Rapper Vanilla Ice has sent a message to Korn’s Brian Welch, but the fans do not seem very happy about it.

In the rapper’s video message, he is seen to wear a Korn hat. Welch went on to share the message on his social media, in which the rapper said:

“Hey it’s the Ice man, kicking like Jackie Chan, it’s time to take a stand and give Brian a shout, man. Hey, just saying what’s up, check out my hat. Got my still, homie. Word.”

Fan Reactions To The Message

Although Welch shared the message on his socials with heart emojis in the caption, Korn and nu-metal fans were not happy about it — in fact, some found it lame and cringe. One comment said:

“He still sucks at rapping after all these years lol.”

Another read:

“Overtly wack. White boy rhymes suck b-lls.”

While most fans showed their hatred for the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ singer, some suggested the two parties collaborate. Considering the fact that nu-metal is a genre involving rap as well, collaboration doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Vanilla Ice Once Released A Nu-Metal Record

The rapper, who was once a pop musician, decided to record and release a nu-metal album, which was thought that he was trying to copy Korn or other nu-metal bands. The idea was put when the word spread about the collaboration between the metal producer Ross Robinson, who worked with names such as Sepultura and Korn. The speculation included possible appearances by artists like Lenny Kravitz and Korn, though Korn’s management promptly denied involvement. Ultimately, the album, ‘Hard To Swallow,’ featured Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang and Casey Chaos from Amen.

Despite claiming unfamiliarity with Limp Bizkit before meeting Robinson, Vanilla Ice embraced the fusion of rap and rock. He clarified that he wasn’t trying to emulate Korn or others, attributing any sonic similarities to having the same producer for both projects. Robinson leveraged Ice’s position in the metal scene to assemble a high-quality band backing the rapper on the album.

In a CNN interview before the album’s release, Ice emphasized that it wasn’t a commercial move or an attempt to ride a popular trend. He measured success personally, unrelated to sales figures, stating:

“I rate the success by what I got out of it, no matter if it sells one record or a million.”

However, the album sold significantly less than a million copies and failed to chart. It received harsh criticism from Rolling Stone, New Times, and other publications and even appeared on various lists of the worst albums ever, ultimately fading into obscurity.

You can listen to ‘Too Cold’ from the album below.