U2’s Bono Reveals What ‘Took A Toll’ On Larry Mullen Jr.

U2 have kicked off their Las Vegas residency on the 29th of September. However before coming to the U.S. the band had to change their drummer Larry Mullen Jr. U2 recently did an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music where Bono spoke about what took a toll on Larry. He explained:

“It’s really tricky for him [Larry Mullen Jr.] and he came in the night before we recorded in Sound City. Was it where ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was recorded? So many stories in that studio and Edge wanted us to go there. Larry [Mullen Jr.] went the night before to just make sure. He didn’t know if he could play for an hour or he didn’t know if he could play for 15 minutes.”

The band released a new track called ‘Atomic City’ where Larry played the drums. The singer shared that he knows that Larry will get back to his old self once again. Bono added:

“He just played he just played up a storm. It was the right place for us and you know, it took its toll on Larry. We’re doing the video, and he’s like, ‘Ow.’ Yeah, but he’s going to get back to fitness.”

Even though Larry is recovering from surgery after drumming has taken its toll on his body, Bono shared that it is hard for him to see Bram fill in for him. Bono expressed:

“It’s heartbreaking for Larry to be here and to see this and know that Bram [Van Den Berg] is standing in for him. By the way Bram is a super star. He was a fan of Larry and a student of Larry’s and now he’ll be here playing instead of Larry and that’s got to hurt as much as some of the injuries. But he gave it all on this song anyway.”

You can watch U2’s interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music below.