Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Picks His Side After Protestors Occupied The United States Capitol

The lead singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider, had a recent conversation on his official Twitter account with fans today and shared his reaction on police officers who opened the gates for the protestors to let them into United States Capitol.

You may already follow the recent news that hundreds of Donald Trump supporters clash with police at the US Capitol on Wednesday and managed to occupy the U.S Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence have called the protesters to leave the Capitol as soon as possible and after four hours, the authorities have managed to evacuate the building. According to the official announcement, 4 protesters have lost their lives and 52 of them have been arrested.

Today, a Twitter account named ‘Black Culture Entertainment’ unearthed a rare video from the protests and showed how police officers opened the gates of Capitol without any tussle. Dee Snider took that tweet and cursed on the officers who cooperated with the protestors by calling them ‘lawless.’

Here is what Dee Snider wrote after watching the video:

“F*ck these lawless assholes!”

A follower of Dee responded:

“You now speak Biden? Come on Dee, you’re better than that!”

To which Dee Snider responded:

“If better than that means supporting those steamy sacks of shit terrorists the follow Trump, I definitely am not.”

You can check out these tweets right below.