Toto’s Steve Lukather Recalls Disappointing Eric Clapton

Steve Lukather recently appeared on Jay Jay French’s Spotify podcast and revealed why he ‘disappointed’ Eric Clapton.

Toto guitarist had the chance to join Clapton on his 1985 album, ‘Behind The Sun,’ as he recalled on August 29 how working with the British rocker was:

“Eric was… I had the honor of working with him and one of the few times, I was super nervous. It was fun… I talked my way out of one of the sessions during the ‘Behind the Sun’ record. I said, ‘Oh, man.’ Everyone I knew was on the session.”

He carried on revealing how he got into the sessions:

“I knew, Teddy Templeman, who was producing at the time, Lenny Waronker [another co-producer]. I said, ‘I’ll play for nothing, man. I just wanna hang out. I’ll play rhythms, anything. I charge nothing. I just wanna be there.’ And, they asked Eric, and Eric said, ‘Yeah, come in.”

Lukather then discussed how he ‘disappointed’ Clapton with his fingers, saying:

“He [Clapton] was really sweet. When I met him, I walked in the door to the studios. He met me at the door, and he grabbed my hand. He starts touching my fingers, and I’d just gotten out of the shower, like half an hour before… He looks at me and goes, ‘You don’t have any calluses.’ I was like, ‘Wait, Eric, I just got out of the shower’ [laughs]. He looked at me baffled, disappointed that I didn’t have this kind of callouses on my fingers.”

Lukather appeared on three Clapton songs, including ‘Forever Man,’ ‘Behind the Sun’ and ‘See What Love Can Do,’ and previously recalled in another interview how nervous he was upon having Eric touch his fingers and see there were no ‘calluses,’ a familiar problem for veteran guitarists to have, since shredding a guitar riff might tire out and damage their fingers.