Tommy Lee Reacts To Pamela Anderson’s Decision To Tell Her Version Of The ‘Scandal’

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee commented on actress and ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s decision to narrate her side of the couple’s infamous incident in an upcoming Netflix documentary during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

When Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s paths crossed for the first time, the couple quickly connected, and the following period was bliss, as they quickly got married. However, Tommy and Pamela were constantly under the spotlight. So, when a homemade sex tape was leaked featuring Lee and Anderson, things started going downhill quickly.

The scandal did not really help Tommy and Pamela’s problematic relationship. The couple divorced in 1995 as Pamela filed for divorce, Pamela filed for spousal abuse, and Lee served six months in jail. On a more recent end, the infamous incident and Lee and Anderson’s rocky relationship were reenacted in Hulu’s Emmy-nominated show ‘Pam & Tommy.’

The show attracted much attention as it portrayed the chaos around Lee and Anderson’s relationship, yet it still depended on other people’s accounts and articles to tell the subject. It was a matter of question if Tommy or Pamela wanted to release individual projects to narrate the incident from their own perspectives. It seems that Anderson has plans for it.

On March 2, 2022, Netflix announced that the actress would collaborate with the platform to release a new documentary to tell her account of the events. The tweet featured a picture of Pamela as well as a handwritten note. Netflix added that the documentary was planned for years, and the film would be complimented by a nostalgic look as Pamela looks back on her life.

Netflix’s tweet said:

“Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her story in a new documentary. The film, which has been in the making for several years, will feature the pop culture icon setting the record straight as she looks back on her professional path and her personal journey.”

In a recent conversation with ET, Tommy Lee also shared his opinion on the matter when he was asked about a similar future project. Lee said he wouldn’t do it and stated that the infamous incident was already told throughPam & Tommy.’ He was then asked about Anderson’s upcoming project. This time, Tommy praised Anderson for publicizing her own version of the incident and said she will tell the story from first hand experience.

Lee answered:

“No, you know what, the incident been told. I mean, that’s a weird one, man… But I respect her for telling her version because the version they told was somebody else’s version, and it’s not exactly the way certain things were.”

As the release date of the documentary remains unknown, Pamela Anderson continues her career as an actress. She was casted as Roxie Hart in the ‘Chicago’ musical on Broadway and performed on the stage for eight weeks. As for Tommy Lee, the drummer continues to be on the road with Mötley Crüe as the band have just wrapped a stadium tour.

You can view Netflix’s announcement below.