Tom Morello Announces A New Weekly Show As A Part Of His Latest Partnership With SiriusXM

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello took his official Instagram account to share a new post and made a new announcement to his followers.

As you might remember, Tom Morello has been doing a podcast on SiriusXM, One Man Revolution, for over a year, and it seems like the partnership between Tom and SiriusXM is getting bigger.

As Tom is continuing to make his One Man Revolution show on SiriusXM, they also agreed on a new weekly podcast for the channel that will start the next week on the radio.

Additionally, Tom mentioned that when they approached him for the offer, his only condition was to play whatever he wants to play and say whatever he wants to say. In this way, Tom showed that there would be no limitations in this show.

Here is what Tom Morello said:

“New weekly show. New podcast. Three new Xtra Channels. All coming to SiriusXM Next week, in addition to my Ome Man Revolution show continuing on SiriusXM Lithium.

When SiriusXM approached me about doing a new slate of shows, I only had one condition: I say what I wanna say and I play what I wanna play.

When the right combination of rhythm and rhyme washes over a huge crowd or transmits through an earbud it can provide a spark for action or a life raft for survival. Music matters. And I’m very much looking forward to inflicting on listeners the music that matters to me.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.