Tom DeLonge Reveals The Punk Band Blink-182 Listen To Backstage

Tom DeLonge recently revealed the punk song he’d been rocking to backstage at Coachella while promoting his brand, To The Stars’ merchandise, on Instagram.

The guitarist shared a rare insight into what Blink-182’s backstage might sound like pre-show, posting a video of himself rocking to a certain punk rock classic while sipping on a beer and wearing a To The Stars branded shirt. He detailed the video by captioning it was taken minutes before the band’s Coachella show while also encouraging anyone to check out his merchandise.

So, the punk rock track DeLonge was rocking to in the video came from one of the pioneering figures of the genre, NOFX, as the rocker danced enthusiastically to the opening riffs of the band’s track, ‘72 Hookers.’

Now, any average punk fan is undoubtedly familiar with NOFX and can relate to why Tom chose that particular track to get ready before a show, as listening to the song might fill you with the need to go to the nearest stage and rock.

DeLonge’s note followed:

“Backstage, minutes before slaying Coachella, and listening to punk rock [NOFX, ’72 Hookers’]. This shirt is available at To The Stars Media.”

So, as Blink-182 gets its fair share of the spotlight these days, with the band headlining Coachella and rocking the stage after reuniting, it seems that Tom felt it was the right time to promote his brand and encourage fans to check out his merchandise by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Tom DeLonge – Instagram