The Who’s Jon Button Says Roger Daltrey Didn’t Want Him To Be A Replica Of John Entwistle


The Who’s bassist Jon Button told Guitar World in an interview that Roger Daltrey was opposed to him being a replica of John Entwistle.

Jon Button is a bassist who has played and toured with many well-known artists. He has performed alongside Shakira, Mandy Moore, James Blunt, Michelle Branch, and more. Additionally, he toured as the bassist in Roger Daltrey’s band for their tour ‘Use It Or Lose It’ in 2009. He is currently performing as the touring bass member of The Who.

Speaking to Guitar World, Jon Button talked about his experiences with the band along with playing the bass parts of John Entwistle, the band’s former bassist who died back in 2002. In the interview, Button said that during The Who’s recent gig, his experience of performing with Roger Daltrey affected his playing.

The interviewer then asked Button how stepping into John Entwistle and Pino Palladino’s shoes feels like. Button responded by claiming that he tries to be neither one of them as he can’t. He also stated that he highly respects John, but has no intention of becoming his replica. Button then added that Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey do not want that either.

After being asked if his performances with Roger Daltrey have affected his playing with The Who, Jon Button said that:

“Yes. I’d been playing with Roger for eight years, and obviously, that included playing songs by The Who.”

Talking about how does it feel like to play the bass parts of John Entwistle, Button then added:

“No pressure, right? Haha! I try not to think about it too much. I’m not trying to be either of those guys, because I can’t be either of them. I feel like I do me, with a large tip of the hat to John, but I’m not trying to be a replica of him. Nobody can be, and Pete Townshend and Roger absolutely don’t want me to be.”

However, Jon Button later revealed that he tries to replicate Entwistle’s tone to an extent, and to do so, he goes for a brighter sound with round-wounds and distortion. Although there is no doubt that Button has been inspired by Entwistle’s style, it appears that he has his own interpretation of the songs.