The Tragic End Of The Who Drummer Keith Moon

Substance abuse is one of the most common struggles amongst musicians in the rock music industry. The loss of control and substance addiction have taken many lives, including those of young artists who had barely scratched the surface of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, this issue is still prevalent in the contemporary rock scene.

Although some musicians attempt to battle their drug and alcohol addiction and put an end to what might cost them their life, some can’t take over the reins. In addition, there are a few instances where the prescribed treatment to help them battle addiction has become the very thing that takes their life, and Keith Moon is an example of that tragic outcome.

How Did The Who Drummer Keith Moon Pass Away?

The Who drummer Keith Moon was known for his destructive lifestyle. He was a regular at London clubs, where he spent a significant share of his money. He had a reputation for destroying hotel rooms, his friends’ houses, and sometimes even his own house, as he would throw furniture out the windows. His behavior started to change during the early days of the Who when he first began using mood-altering drugs like amphetamines and dexamyl.

After struggling with the consequences of his addiction, Moon decided to fight back and started using a prescribed course of Heminevrin to alleviate his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He wanted to get sober at home because he feared psychiatric hospitals and preferred the comfort of his house. He was prescribed a bottle of 100 pills, and the doctor instructed him to take a single pill when he craved alcohol, but he was warned not to take more than three pills per day.

On 6 September, Moon and his partner Annette Walter-Lax were guests of Paul and Linda McCartney. After dinner with the McCartneys, the couple went back to their flat. Moon decided to watch a movie before taking some clomethiazole tablets. The following afternoon, on September 7, when Walter-Lax checked on him, she discovered Keith had passed away from an accidental overdose of the prescription drug Heminevrin.

The police determined that there were 32 clomethiazole pills in Moon’s system, six of which had been digested and were enough to cause his death. His prescribed drug, unfortunately, resulted in an accidental overdose which took the influential musician’s life.