The Time The Beatles Got High In Buckingham Palace

The Beatles have left a mark in history for numerous reasons; their groundbreaking music, sensitivity towards social and political issues, initiating the album era rather than singles, and are now considered to be the most influential band of all time. One of the things that really contributed to their success was their outlook.

The Beatles members were not only talented musicians but also handsome young men who looked innocent but were actually quite mischievous. The band members often used drugs and Paul McCartney was even arrested and jailed in Japan for carrying marijuana. As these stories were widely known, the rumor that they also smoked in Buckingham palace didn’t come as a big shock.

Did The Beatles Smoke Weed In Buckingham Palace?

The Beatles won numerous awards throughout their career but one of the most prestigious ones was given by Queen Elizabeth. In 1965, the Beatles were honored with an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) which is one of the greatest accolades in British society.

This was a very big day for the young band as they were going to get to meet the Queen and enter high society. As the legend has it, John Lennon one day confessed that they sneaked into a bathroom in Buckingham Palace prior to receiving their MBEs and smoked a joint to calm their nerves.

John Lennon’s statement was refuted by McCartney, who said he didn’t recall this incident, and Ringo Starr said that it was probably a regular one because they were all smokers back then. However,  many find it plausible because it was around that time when they were shooting ‘Help!’ and the director of the movie had to shoot each line individually because the members kept forgetting their lines.

Approximately a decade later, John Lennon revealed that it was around that back then, they were smoking marijuana every day starting from breakfast. He also said that no one could effectively communicate with them because they were always high, with glazed eyes, and had trouble keeping serious. Bearing all these in mind, it seems quite plausible that they also smoked up in Buckingham Palace but never confessed it so as not to offend the Queen.