The Time Dave Grohl Broke His Leg During A Live Show But Continued Performing

There’s no doubt that Foo Fighters‘ frontman Dave Grohl is one of the most exceptional performers in rock and roll history that respects his music and fans which shows through his projects and interviews during which any time he opens up about music, his enthusiasm shines. This is exactly why Grohl is one of the most successful musicians of the last few decades and managed to maintain his music career at its height for the past 35 years.

While every fan knows the amount of respect Dave Grohl has for them, there’s an incident to prove it that happened in 2015 when the Foo Fighters’ frontman actually fell off the stage and broke his leg. Although many musicians would immediately be rushed to the hospital and cancel the show, Grohl decided to finish the show, therefore, his treatment was made backstage. Let’s dive into the details of this unbelievable story.

Dave Grohl Broke His Leg During A Concert And Kept On Performing

During a Foo Fighters concert in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2015, Dave Grohl fell from the stage while performing ‘Monkey Wrench’ remained on the ground for several minutes before telling the audience that his leg was broken. While the band members and the crew couldn’t understand the incident at first, everybody rushed to help the frontman and the fans expected cancellation of the show since Grohl should’ve been taken to the hospital.

However, while being treated on the ground, Dave Grohl made a promise to the audience and stated that he’s going to finish the show. Therefore, after being taken to backstage for his treatment during which the rest of Foo Fighters played a set of covers sung by drummer Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters frontman actually returned to the stage with his leg wrapped and finished the concert sitting on a chair.

Dave Grohl Revealed Details About The Incident

Only a month after the unfortunate incident, Dave Grohl opened up about the horrible experience during an interview with Entertainment Weekly and revealed that he actually didn’t feel any pain when he first broke his leg. Apparently, Grohl’s leg was broken during the second track which made the whole incident hilarious for him as he couldn’t believe he actually broke his leg, then started laughing about his unexpected situation.

After seeing 52,000 people who were there to see Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl couldn’t leave them without a show and that’s when he decided to finish the concert despite having a broken leg the whole time. The doctor fixed his dislocated ankle right there and held his broken leg and ankle steady for Grohl to finish to show. The incident remains as unbelievable proof of how much Grohl respects his duty for his fans to this day.

During the interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grohl said:

“When it happened, I didn’t feel a thing. I tried to get up and walk and my ankle collapsed under my weight. I just fell back to the ground and looked up at my road crew and said ‘It’s broken. It’s gone.2 The band didn’t know what was happening, so they kept playing. I looked at my foot and it was just hanging there because it was dislocated and my leg was broken. But it still didn’t hurt. One by one the guys in the band stopped playing peered over the edge of the stage. I was just laughing. I couldn’t believe it happened. It was in the second song too, that’s what was such a drag.

Our setlist was supposed to be 26 songs and it was a beautiful night and there were 52,000 people, so I grabbed a microphone and I told everyone that I was going to fix it and come back. I didn’t know if that meant in 20 minutes or a month, but I wanted to keep playing. They pulled me to the side of the stage and the doctor said, ‘Your ankle’s dislocated and I have to put it back into place right now.’

They put this roll of gauze in my mouth and I screamed and bit down on it and they put my ankle back into place and then everyone was quiet for a minute. The Foo Fighters were onstage playing a Queen song or something and I looked down and said, ‘OK, can I go back on stage now?’ Because it didn’t hurt. My paramedic doctor said ‘I have to hold your ankle in place,’ and I said, ‘Well, then you’re coming on f—ing stage with me right now.’ And he did.”

You can see the moment when Dave Grohl broke his leg below.