The Three Frontmen Steven Van Zandt Declared As The Future Of Rock


Besides playing mandolin and guitar, Steven Van Zandt gained recognition with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band as a successful songwriter. Besides his career with E Street Band, Zandt is also interested in his solo career. He released the 1982 debut album called ‘Men Without Women,’ which received positive reviews from the critics. The rocker was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 as a member of the E Street Band.

Zandt has become an impactful name in the rock scene with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, of which Zandt was the co-founder. He gained success with the help of his creating rhythm and blues-oriented sounds. As Steven Van Zandt impressed the rock scene with his contributions, he also has a few names in his mind for the continuation of rock music.

Dave Grohl, Billie Joe Armstrong, And Eddie Vedder Made A Massive Impact On Rock Music


After Scream broke up in 1990, Dave Grohl became the drummer of Nirvana. Grohl first appeared on Nirvana’s second album named ‘Nevermind’ in 1991. He impressed many musicians and the audiences with his drum skills. Besides being the drummer, he also contributed by writing lyrics for the band. After the split of Nirvana, Grohl became the founder of Foo Fighters, another successful band.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is another musician who influenced many rockers with his solo career and tenure with the band. The band’s ‘Dookie,’ released in 1994, turned them into a mainstream act, becoming the most popular band in the 1990s and 2000s. They dropped other praised records in the following years, such as ‘American Idiot’ and ’21st Century Breakdown.’

Eddie Vedder has impacted the rock music scene as much as Dave Grohl and Billie Joe Armstrong. Vedder has been known for his powerful baritone vocal and earned high places in many respectable magazines’ lists of greatest singers. After Vedder joined Pearl Jam, the band suddenly became mainstream with their album, ‘Ten.’ He also continued his solo career by contributing soundtracks such as the movie named ‘Into The Wild.’

Steven Van Zandt Named These Musicians The Future Of Rock


The success of Dave Grohl, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Eddie Vedder was recognized not only by the audience but also by the other musicians. Steven Van Zandt was one of these musicians who indicated these three names’ importance in the rock music scene.

Zandt mentioned in a past tweet that he considered himself very lucky because the rock scene had Dave Grohl when a Twitter user asked how he felt about him. According to Zandt, Dave Grohl, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Eddie Vedder were impactful names for the continuation of rock music in the future, with the other younger names like Kurt Baker, Palmyra Delran, Ryan Hamilton, and others mentioned.

Steven Van Zandt wrote in his tweet:

“I feel we’re lucky to have him. It is he and the Foo Fighters, Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day, Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam, among others, that give us hope for the future. Along with up comers Kurt Baker, Palmyra Delran, Ryan Hamilton, Kris Rodgers, Brian Ray, Soraia, Wyldlife, etc.”

You can see the tweet below.