The Story Of How Angus Young Reacted When An AC/DC Fan Threw A Beer Bottle To His Head

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young once had to put his guitar down during a live performance because of a ‘fan’ who threw beer bottles towards him not once, but twice which hit the legendary guitarist in his face, and his reaction was to die for.

As many of you know, it isn’t a rare incident that some fans, especially when they are under the influence of a substance such as drugs or alcohol, throw something on stage, however, it’s oftentimes a piece of clothes, a toy, and most likely underwear rather than a dangerous object.

Nevertheless, unusual ‘fans’ sometimes throw objects, mostly alcohol bottles, at the musicians while they are performing on stage, causing the whole show to pause, furthermore, physically hurt the musician that they actually go to see performing.

Being one of the bands that are known for their longevity, AC/DC members came across with countless fans during their career that spans nearly five decades, therefore, there’s a moment during which Angus Young was tested when it comes to his patience when a fan threw beer bottles at him on purpose.

The disrespectful incident happened when the band was performing at the Phoenix, AZ, Bad Boy Boogie concert in 2000, and while they started jamming, a beer came flying in front of Angus Young, and a second one at his head. While Malcolm Young kept on performing, the iconic guitarist confronted the man in the crowd after calmly handing his guitar over.

Young pointed to the fan, calling him past the security gate which was a moment that fans thought the two would start a full-on fight since the guitarist looked incredibly angry as one should be, however, he decided to simply tweak the man’s nose and had security haul him off the premises.

You can watch the video of the moment and click here to see the source.