The Story Of Bebe Buell Who Charmed Jimmy Page And Steven Tyler

Rock music has countless aspects that many don’t admire such as substance addiction, excessive partying, and groupies many of whom were underage at the time. While the term itself initially didn’t refer to fans who had sexual intercourse with rock stars, it eventually evolved into the name that was given to those young women or teen girls.

There are even a number of groupies that were equally famous as the rock stars they were with such as Sable Starr, Audrey Hamilton, Pamela Des Barres, and many more. These groupies often toured with the rock stars they were with and had passionate relationships with the musicians that usually didn’t have a happy ending.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most well-known groupies of all time, Bebe Buell. She didn’t only have relationships with a number of rock legends, but she also has a famous daughter from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. 

Bebe Buell Had A Relationship With Jimmy Page

Bebe Buell was first discovered at the age of 17 by a modeling agency executive named Eileen Ford. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue her dreams to become a professional singer as well as a model. Buell was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for the November 1974 issue which was the moment that brought her into the spotlight among rock stars.

Buell’s dating life was always surrounded by musicians at a young age as she began dating Paul Cowsill of the Cowsills when she was 15. After her success as a beautiful model as well as a musician, Buell dated many rock stars including Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger, and Jimmy Page.

In fact, Jimmy Page’s passionate love with another groupie, Lori Maddox who was 15 when their relationship started, ended when Lori found Jimmy Page with Bebe Buell in bed. Apparently, the two had a relationship that was based on sexuality only when they were together.

Bebe Buell Is The Mother Of Liv Tyler

During her open relationship with musician Todd Rundgren from 1972 until 1978, Bebe Buell started hanging out with Aerosmith members during which she got pregnant after having sex with Steven Tyler. However, she decided to keep this a secret and told Rundgren that they are expecting a baby.

The reason behind her decision was to keep her baby from Tyler’s notorious substance addiction. Eventually, Rundgren found out about the truth, and their daughter Liv was born in July 1977. Despite parting ways in 1978, Rundgren maintained this white lie that he was Liv’s father and pretended to be her biological father.

Their agreement was to keep Steven Tyler a secret from Liv Tyler until she was 18 years old. Yet, Liv figured out the truth after she met her biological father at the age of 8 since the resemblance was uncanny. Since then, Bebe Buell has been seeing Steven Tyler as they built a relationship over their daughter Liv while she also stayed in touch with her adoptive father.