The Rapper Chris Cornell Took A Risk To Collaborate With

Rock and rap may seem like oil and water, but magic can happen when these genres come together in a collaboration. Imagine the raw energy of rock fused with rap’s rhythmic flow, creating a familiar and fresh sound. But these collaborations are a rarity, as many rock artists prefer to stick to their tried-and-true sound.

However, some musicians are not afraid to take risks and venture into new musical territories. The collaboration between Run DMC and Aerosmith on the iconic track ‘Walk This Way,’ which blended the two genres in an unexpected and groundbreaking way, has set a great example in the rock scene.

Nonetheless, there have also been other collaborative works, few and far between times. When a rocker like Chris Cornell comes out with electronic music and collab with a rapper, that’s when we stop to either try to get behind the fresh sound the artist is putting out or change our course and move on to other artists.

Cornell’s third album ‘Scream’ caught fans off guard. His new direction, which leaned more towards electro-pop in contrast to his original sound, caused a lot of confusion in the rock scene. Especially his collaboration with Timbaland on ‘Part Of Me’ was unexpected, to say the least.

The vocalist gave insight into his process of making the album to Rolling Stone in 2009, saying, “There’s something about that blind trust between Timba­land and me — two people with almost nothing in com­mon except for a love of music — that is really rejuvenating.”

It had a different vibe, as the two musicians who barely had any musical correlations came together to bring this new material. Cornell added, “But if you’re not going to get behind electronic music, this album’s definitely not for you. I took a risk by doing something that many of my fans may dislike, but maybe I can turn them on to a new concept.”

Although the Soundgarden icon knew that it was a risk to completely change up his sound and do something so out of his comfort zone, the singer still wanted to give his best shot to create an album that he was proud to put out to fans who would give his new venture a shot.

So, if you’re one of those who understood where Cornell was coming from by trying things out of his wheelhouse back then, kudos to you. However, if you have just gotten acquainted with their collaboration, it won’t hurt to give it a listen. Who knows, it might be your next song on repeat!