The Queen Song Freddie Mercury Wrote For John Lennon


The late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury isn’t particularly known for expressing his personal opinions about other musicians. The legendary vocalist was rather focused on his own band as well as his solo career that spanned a little over two decades. Therefore, it’s pretty rare to come across his statements on rockers outside of Queen.

However, there was an exception when he was asked about the powerful rock stars during an interview in the 1980s. Mercury revealed his admiration for the Beatles singer John Lennon by saying he’s one of few people who have enough power to influence, and enough intellect to do it well.

In addition to this, the Queen singer praised John Lennon on numerous occasions by simply saying he’s the greatest. Mercury even admitted he’s not as good as him which is the biggest compliment that can come from the frontman. If he was a huge fan of the Beatles’ icon, how did Mercury react to his fellow musician’s death? Let’s take a look.

Freddie Mercury Wrote A Song For John Lennon


Following the tragic murder of John Lennon on December 8, 1980, at the age of 40, the entire music community grieved the loss of a brilliant musician. As a tribute act, Queen performed his legendary song ‘Imagine’ on tour, but Freddie Mercury wanted to do something more special.

The Queen lead singer wrote a song named ‘Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)‘ which was dedicated to the late Beatle. The track was released with the band’s tenth studio album, ‘Hot Space,’ on May 21, 1982. The entire sound of the track was based on Lennon’s styles and resembles his overall music.

The lyrics are touching as they demonstrate Freddie’s realization that John was gone. The title of the track was also an homage to the late musician’s lyrics of ‘Love is Real.’ Fans love seeing the admiration Mercury had for Lennon even after all these years as the official lyrics video on Youtube had over one million views today.

Surprisingly, the song gained another meaning after the Queen singer’s death on November 24, 1991, due to complications of AIDS. Since it was a tribute song, remaining Queen members regularly performed it on their tours as an homage to both Mercury and Lennon where they display their late vocalist’s images on stage.

You can listen to ‘Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)’ below.

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