The Person Alice Cooper Wrote A Letter To But Never Received A Reply

Alice Cooper represents one of the most theatrical rock and roll performances. He fills the most prominent stages with his costumes, stunts, and dramatic shows, giving his fans more than just music to be entertained. His performances, music videos, and songs are inspired by horror elements, movies, and books.

Cooper has a specific interest in horror literature, themes, and elements. Hence, he had admitted in 2016 his love for the well-known author Stephen King. However, the admiration doesn’t seem to be mutual with the writer, considered one of the best supernatural fiction authors in the 21st century.

How Does Alice Cooper Feel About Not Getting Responses From Stephen King?

In 2016, Alice Cooper admitted that he is a massive fan of Stephen King and stated how much he praises him on numerous occasions. The rocker reads and studies his novels, taking inspiration, especially for his writing. He said that whenever he is stuck, he reads ‘Firestarter,’ a thriller novel released in 1980.

Cooper also stated that he wrote fan letters to the author but never received a reply. The musician also doesn’t know if King recognized his work, but he is not complaining about that because King might not be interested. He stated that he learned a lot from his writing, plotting, and narrative.

Here is what he said about King in 2016:

“I don’t know Stephen King at all. I’ve never met him or spoken to him. I wrote him a long fan letter once but never received a reply. Whenever I’m asked about his work, I praise him to the skies, and I love many of his novels. I study the novel ‘Firestarter’ whenever I’m blocked. Reading the first few pages of ‘Firestarter’ helps to get me going. In the early years of his career, I think King was underrated. Later on, he began to be recognized, receive awards, and write now and then for the New York Times.

I’ve enjoyed seeing all this. But Stephen King, to the best of my knowledge, has never commented on me or my work. This is nothing to complain about; likely, he simply isn’t interested. And I accept that completely. There are many writers I don’t comment on and haven’t read. I admire Stephen King. I have learned a lot from his narrative style, pacing, and plotting. I wish him all the best always. He is a giant. And his success has done wonders for supernatural fiction in America.”

Alice Cooper is ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock,’ making it very easy for a writer like Stephen King to notice him. However, it doesn’t appear so currently. Even though Cooper is okay with not being recognized, it could have created a sensation to have the two supernatural, thriller, and horror fans and creators form a collaboration.