The Only AC/DC Song Angus Young Included A Political Message In

Formed in 1973, AC/DC is one of the most influential bands in the rock music scene that is still actively making music. Although the band members are now around their 70s, they are still eager to entertain their fans and release new material even after all those years.

As they have been active for many decades, the AC/DC members have seen several changes in music culture in terms of social and political matters. However, it is a known fact that the band stays away from political issues when writing their music and focuses on making good old rock and roll. Although this is the case, they have one song with a political message in their catalog.

Which AC/DC Song Has A Political Message By Angus Young?

AC/DC released their twelfth studio album, ‘The Razors Edge’ on September 21, 1990. The album was a commercial revival for the band at that time, and AC/DC made a remarkable comeback to their glory days with the release. Apart from the hits ‘Thunderstruck,’ ‘Are You Ready,’ and ‘Moneytalks,’ the album also has a track of the same title.

Although the band has had an apolitical stance while writing their music, the song ‘The Razors Edge’ has a political meaning. In 1992, Angus Young told the TV channel Muchmusic that the song’s title comes from an old saying British farmers use, which expresses black clouds coming over the horizon on a very sunny day.

Moreover, the musician said he thought this would be a good title for the song. Young then talked about the demolition of the Berlin Wall, which began on June 13, 1990, and said everyone thought things would be okay after that, but this wasn’t the case. According to Young, the song ‘The Razors Edge’ was AC/DC’s way of saying that the world won’t ever be perfect.

As reported by Genius, Angus Young told Muchmusic the following:

“‘The Razors Edge’ comes from an old saying farmers used to use in Britain where you’d have a fine sunny day, you know, a very good day with a hot sun, and then all of a sudden right in the distance, you could see these black clouds coming over the horizon, an ominous thing. I thought it was a great title.

The world was at peace again, and everyone thought, ‘Ah, the Berlin Wall’s come down, and it’s all gonna be fun and games, a party every night,’ and you can see now that it’s not that way. It’s just our way of saying the world’s not perfect and never will be.

You can listen to AC/DC’s ‘The Razors Edge’ below.