The Metal Band Miley Cyrus Declared Her Love For By Rapping

In the early days of Miley Cyrus’ career, at the beginning of the 2000s, wearing T-shirts with the logos of classic rock bands had become a fashion movement. When big celebrities, especially pop stars who had no rhyme or reason to enjoy heavy metal bands, wore those classic rock and metal tees, it became a spectacle. The staunchest fans shared their harsh comments and criticisms online and even made fun of the artists for wanting to appear cooler than they were by wearing the t-shirts.

Cyrus, who was at the peak of her career with the Disney Channel show ‘Hannah Montana,’ and was also trying to become a singer, had a cult following that kept up with her every move. The paparazzi always photographed the star, so anything she said, did, or wore suddenly became the hottest topic on the internet. So everyone and their mothers had something to say about her outfit choice when the star was spotted wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Nobody expected the teen pop queen to be a true heavy metal fan. When she started rocking the Iron Maiden graphic t-shirt, everyone quickly judged the young superstar who had become one of the most prominent faces of the entertainment industry and was barely getting her singing career on track at the time.

After Cyrus became the talk of the town, she decided to share her opinions about the matter in a Youtube video back in the day. She said, “OK, so here’s the deal. I know you guys check up on some cool sites with different pics of me, and that’s awesome, and that’s great that you get to see me out and about.”

“So, I’m sure you guys have seen me rocking an Iron Maiden shirt lately,” she continued. “And I know some people have said, ‘Oh, she’s a poser. She wants to be a rock star.’ You guys don’t know my life. You don’t know if I like Iron Maiden or not.”

At the time, the 16-year-old superstar wanted her fans to know that she wears the t-shirt because she actually likes Iron Maiden and enjoys their music, not because the t-shirt looks cool with jeans. Miley even decided to rap about her love for Iron Maiden to show fans that she was a metalhead at heart.

Her little rap went, “My Miley fans would know/ But people just trying to dis/ Because they aren’t on my list/ Of people that don’t like me/ And I really think that’s… yeah/ You know what I’m saying/ I don’t think that’s cool/ Just because you guys sit around all day at school/ And I think that’s awesome/ And it’s really sweet/ But that doesn’t mean you can go making fun of me/ Hey now!”

For any of the critics or fans who had doubts about her statements about her love for Iron Maiden, Cyrus even gave some examples of her favorite songs to prove that she does listen to what the band puts out. For instance, songs like ‘Run to the Hills,’ ‘Fear of the Dark,’ and ‘Running Free’ are some of the songs she enjoys most from Iron Maiden’s long list of incredible tracks.