The Go Go’s Belinda Carlisle Picks The Clash As Her Favorite Punk Band

Belinda Carlisle, the frontwoman of the Go-Go’s, recently sat down with Spin to discuss the five albums she couldn’t live without. She highlighted one band in particular: The Clash, her favorite punk band.

The punk rock scene has deeply influenced Carlisle, and her connection with The Clash, whose socially conscious lyrics perfectly captured the political and economic changes of the late 70s UK, truly caught her attention.

Her fondness for The Clash wasn’t limited to their records and lyrics. She recalled her first trip to London in 1977, a journey inspired by the band’s music. Accompanied by her friend Lorna Doom from the Germs, she experienced the vibrancy of the early punk scene firsthand, attending the band’s live shows.

Belinda Carlisle’s words about her favorite punk band read:

“They were probably my favorite punk band because it was driving rock, punk rock, but also very melodic, and I loved the lyrics. They were of a time; they were angry and political. It really captured a moment, that moment in the late ’70s in the UK, which was a lot of stuff going on politically and economically.

It inspired me to go to London for the very first time in 1977. I went with my friend Lorna Doom, who was in the Germs, and we went and saw The Clash, Sham 69, and all these early punk bands. It was an incredible experience. I’ve seen The Clash live four or five times, and they were really something to see.”

Carlisle’s firsthand experiences within the punk scene, coupled with the tangible effect that The Clash’s music, specifically their self-titled debut album, had on her, show her personal connection with the band. Clearly, The Clash weren’t just a band to her but a significant part of her musical journey.