The Five Rock Stars Paul McCartney Would Hire For His Ultimate Supergroup

Supergroups in the music world are a common thing that generally emerges when musicians either leave their bands, pursue a solo career, or try to venture off to something new by working with other musicians in a band on the side. Some supergroups even became the main band for some musicians. For example, CSNY became David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young’s main band and contributed to the industry highly with their music.

The Beatles were one of the biggest bands in the music world. With their adventures that lasted for ten years, the band gained high recognition with the talents of its members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. As one of the two surviving members, McCartney is still creating music for his fans and attending interviews to talk about his life and the Beatles, revealing fascinating facts about the band and their friendships.

Even though McCartney was in one of the greatest bands ever to have crossed the path of rock and roll, he had a surprising answer when he was asked to form an imaginary dream band. The musician didn’t mention any of his previous band members while discussing this in an interview with the Brasilian Newspaper Estadão. Instead, he named other iconic names to include in his dream band.

Who Would’ve Been In Paul McCartney’s Dream Supergroup?

Paul McCartney mentioned Led Zeppelin instead of focusing on his former band members when asked about his dream supergroup. The musician firstly named the late John Bonham as his drummer and called him ‘ballsy.’ For the keyboards, he named his old friend and iconic musician Billy Preston. The latter worked with many important names, including the Beatles, before his death in 2006.

Here is what he said about recruiting Bonham and Preston:

Bonham was always on my top-five drummer list and a great friend and ballsy drummer. On keyboards, Billy Preston.

While he is a guitar player, McCartney continued to form his band by including The Who’s John Entwistle to play the bass, who also passed away in 2002. The former Beatle wanted Jimi Hendrix to be by his side playing his guitar and, last but not least, the essential rockstar Elvis Presley on vocals. It appears that McCartney didn’t include himself into this supergroup and completed the five-musician band with choices that many other people would praise as well.

Alice Cooper had previously picked his dream band, and he included McCartney as his bassist and John Lennon on the guitar. While Cooper focused on the Beatles, McCartney wanted musicians who were already dead, proving how much he appreciates the talents of the stars who passed away tragically and untimely.