The First Led Zeppelin Song That Was Written By Robert Plant

It is undoubtedly true that Led Zeppelin served as one of the biggest innovators in rock music. Each band member had their own character, and the group led its generation with its spectacular stage presence and unique sound. Led Zeppelin members were also highly praised for their compositional abilities. The group concentrated on improvisation and collaboration during a song’s development, separating their style from the traditional songwriting process.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were the masterminds behind the band’s most iconic songs. John Bonham and John Paul Jones weren’t drifted out of the picture, too, as they would add some elements during the process. It is publicly well-known that Robert Plant was the principal songwriter on a large part of Led Zeppelin’s official catalog, along with Jimmy Page. Still, surprisingly, he didn’t begin writing songs until the band’s second studio album.

What Was The First Led Zeppelin Song That Robert Plant Wrote?

Led Zeppelin released their self-titled debut studio album in 1969. Yet, Robert Plant received no songwriting credits on that album. One of the reasons was his ongoing contract with CBS Records. Led Zeppelin had signed Atlantic Records, so it would count as a contract breach if they gave Plant credit. The singer did contribute to the songs’ development, but he remained anonymous on the album.

Robert Plant received his first songwriting credits when the group released their second album, ‘Led Zeppelin II.’ Jimmy Page revealed in a previous interview that the first Led Zeppelin song that Plant wrote all the lyrics for was ‘Thank You.’ It appeared as the fourth track on the record. The singer hadn’t written before, although his band members tried to encourage him.

Robert Plant finally decided to give his songwriting skills a chance and wrote the lyrics for ‘Thank You.’ He dedicated the track to his then-wife, Maureen, as a show of love. The song demonstrated his ability to express his emotions and thoughts. Jimmy Page joined Plant on background vocals during the song’s recording. The heartfelt and moving song was very different from the other hard rock material on the album.

Plant’s first solo attempt at songwriting for the band would cement his role in Led Zeppelin and make him their primary songwriter in the following records. ‘Thank You’ remains among one of the most covered songs in Led Zeppelin’s catalog. It is often credited by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant among their favorite Zeppelin songs.

You can listen to ‘Thank You’ below.