The Cruel Prank Jimmy Page Pulled On Phil Collins As A Revenge Of His Live Aid Performance


Without dispute, Led Zeppelin is among the keystone bands in the rock and roll music scene. Since their formation in 1968, the band achieved phenomenal success throughout their career with the successful albums and hit songs they released.

Back then, the band consisted of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. Sadly, due to Bonham’s passing in 1980, Led Zeppelin decided to leave the music scene.

On July 13, 1985, Plant, Page, and Jones reunited to perform for the Live Aid concert. The drummer accompanying the band for that performance was Phil Collins. However, the performance turned out to be a disaster, and Jimmy Page wanted to take revenge on Collins by pranking him.

Jimmy Page Made A Cruel Plan To Take Revenge On Phil Collins


Back in 1985, Led Zeppelin decided to reunite for the Live Aid event held to benefit the African famine victims. Although the band came together for something good, things went pretty bad and they probably regretted every minute of the performance.

As Led Zeppelin didn’t have a drummer those days, they hired Tony Thompson and Phil Collins. However, they had no time to rehearse, and this was an important moment for them as there were speculations about a possible Zeppelin reunion after the show. So, they both tried to show off their talents to take Bonham’s place in the band although they didn’t even rehearse.

Apart from that, Plant lost his voice right after their rehearsal and performed off-key during the performance as a result. Moreover, Jimmy Page’s guitar wasn’t tuned, so he suffered the same fate as Plant.

Following this disastrous performance, Page invited Collins to discuss a possible reunion. Before Collins arrived, he removed the screws on the drum stool and cut a hole for the supporting rod to come up through the seat at one point. He then asked Collins to have a jam session, and during the second verse of ‘Rock N’ Roll,’ Plant’s cruel prank took place. The stool collapsed, and the support rod went right up Collins’ butt.

While Collins was screaming in pain, Page and his crew were laughing hysterically. Therefore, Jimmy Page took his revenge on Collins after that disappointing performance at the Live Aid.

As reported by Madhouse Magazine, Jimmy Page recalled the incident as:

“All was going according to plan. Collins arrived, we had some tea and a chat and then I said let’s have a little jam session. We started out with a slow blues jam but then I kicked into ‘Rock n Roll’ and I knew he would try to keep up. During the second verse, it happened. The stool collapsed, and the support rod came bursting through the stool right up Collins’ bum! I and the crew were laughing hysterically. I never laughed so hard in my life. Collins was screaming and writhing in pain. It was great.

I have been waiting to get that wanker back since 1985. I will never forget how he made me look ridiculous during the Led Zeppelin reunion at Live-Aid. He said he would play drums for us and then shows up without learning the songs. He sat there grinning like a moron during Black Dog. I have been plotting my revenge for over 30 years! Now, who looks ridiculous?”

Following Page’s cruel prank, Collins had to go to the hospital to receive treatment. Moreover, the incident also made Page become one of the cruelest pranksters ever in the history of rock.