The Beatles Engineer Explains Why Steve Morse Is A Better Guitarist Than Jeff Beck

One of the five Beatles engineers, Ken Scott, recently spoke about the iconic guitarist Steve Morse in an interview with Guitar World. The successful engineer compared the Deep Purple guitarist to The Yardbirds icon Jeff Beck.

Ken Scott is mainly known for producing the iconic band The Beatles and many other big names like Elton John, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, and The Jeff Beck Group. It’s safe to say that he has worked with many iconic guitarists in the rock world and the producer recently revealed that he has a favorite.

Compared to every guitarist he worked with, Scott said Steve Morse is the best colleague so far. Morse is known to be the guitarist of Deep Purple, but he mesmerized the world with his guitar skills. Before Deep Purple, he was in a band called Dixie Dregs, where he kicked off his career from 1975 to 1983.

The producer compared Morse with another icon, Jeff Beck, and stated that Morse covered every style and matched everything needed. Even though Beck was brilliant when they worked together, he had a more certain style, whereas Steve had various sounds and could cover everything.

Here is what he said about Morse and compared him to Beck:

“Steve Morse, as far as I’m concerned, is the best guitarist I’ve ever worked with. He could cover every style, and he knew what was needed. Jeff Beck is great, but Jeff has a certain style which he is brilliant at, whereas Steve covers all styles, from classical to acoustic. There’s one track on one of the albums called ‘Little Kids,’ which is him and just solo violin, which is brilliant.”

Jeff Beck had risen to prominence with the Yardbirds but also established a career as a solo artist. His name probably pops up more than Morse’s name does in the media, as he stands among the greatest guitar players in the world. However, when working with the guitarist one-on-one, the producer claims that Steve Morse is much more diverse.