The Album Sammy Hagar Completed With Steve Perry And Neal Schon

Sammy Hagar has been involved in music since his years in Fontana, where he had a difficult childhood. While dealing with an alcoholic and abusive father, Hagar decided to carve another destiny for himself. The musician bought a cheap guitar in high school, learned to play by himself, and formed his first band at 14. Although he would return later, he moved to another city, continued making music, and played with many different bands.

As time passed, Hagar got married and returned to Fontana. A dream he had one night affected him so much that he moved to San Francisco, where he would enjoy the beginning of his years of fame. Even though the Red Rocker was always involved in music, he effectively entered the rock scene when he joined Montrose in San Francisco, which was one of Eddie Van Halen’s favorite bands.

Soon afterward, he started gaining fame, and after he built a reputation as a promising musician, Hagar finally went solo, signing with Capitol Records. While recalling an album from his solo years in a social media post, Sammy also shared the story of how he ended up collaborating with Neal Schon and Steve Perry.

Sammy Hagar’s Collaboration With Neal Schon And Steve Perry

While enjoying commercial success in the early 1980s, Sammy Hagar released another album through Capitol Records, which made him a widely-known solo artist. ‘Danger Zone’ was his fifth album, and it was well received. There are ten songs in the album, four of them featuring Neal Schon and Steve Perry’s guitar solos and background vocals. In an Instagram post, Sammy Hagar celebrated the 41st anniversary of this album and shared the story of Neal Schon and Steve Perry’s contribution as guest musicians.

“Today marks 41 years of ‘Danger Zone’!” wrote Sammy Hagar as he began to tell the album’s story. “Tommy Scholz from Boston was going to produce ‘Danger Zone.’ He came to Sausalito for preproduction, went through all the rehearsals helping with arrangements. The first day in the studio, he got served papers from his record company that he was late with ‘Boston 2,’ and they made him stop working with me until he finished his own record.”

Although Sammy Hagar was suddenly left without a producer, which would have stressed out any musician working on a record, he quickly found a solution. As they say, everything happens for a reason, because he wouldn’t have been able to collaborate with the Journey icons if it weren’t for this unlucky incident.

“Geoff Workman had just finished the Journey record ‘Departure’ at Wally Heider studios in the city,” recalled Sammy. “I snatched him up as my coproducer and engineer, and we made the record. Neal Schon and Steve Perry were hanging around and ended up playing and singing on lots of songs. You can hear Steve Perry’s voice all over ‘Love or Money,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘The Iceman’ and Neal Schon took a blazing guitar solo on ‘Love or Money.’ It was great singing with a singer like Steve Perry doing all the background vocals – this record still sounds good to me today. I May Be Crazy but I Aint No Fool.”

He concluded his words with a quote from ‘Love or Money,’ the song that features both names, and stressed how his tricky move helped him succeed. It can be said that Sammy Hagar is one of the few musicians who have had the chance to work with many iconic names. However, it looks like he got these opportunities by making it happen for himself since he was the one who went out on a limb and hired Geoff Workman.