Ted Nugent Warns US About ‘Unlimited Rot And Evil’ By Giving A Specific Name And Organisation

In an episode of The Nightly Nuge that initially aired after the 2023 Grammy’s, Ted Nugent gave his take on the rising of evil after seeing the imagery of Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance of their track ‘Unholy.’ Ted shared his take on where America is heading by explaining:

“My take is that there’s always been good and evil. America is infested. Well, let’s start with the good part America is wall-to-wall good. Lots of good out here. All my friends are good my band, crew, team, family, my hunting buddies; everybody in my world is kind, considerate conscientious, funny, cocky hard-working, adequately irreverent and independent. We are always there for each other so there is unlimited good in America unlimited good that’s how it should be.”

Even though Ted shared that his part of the world is ‘good,’ he pointed out that ‘evil is rising’ by giving the name of a specific organization. He expressed:

“But right now in 2023 I’m afraid that there’s unlimited rot and evil. The Grammys, these people are weak, they are uncomfortably dumb, they are pathetic, they are pure evil. When you celebrate evil which is Satan, which is Satanism. I saw the imagery; I saw what they were doing.”

Ted also shared his thoughts about Sam’s performance at the Grammy’s in a devil costume surrounded by fire. The rocker said:

“I’ve been watching this for years; the imagery it’s pure Satanism. Then there’s after school Satan clubs and it’s because pop music is popular. There is evil at levels we have never seen before and the Grammys are part of it. I could not be more proud that the Grammy cult hates me.”

While Nugent expressed concerns about Smith’s performance and visuals of Satanism, Oasis’ Noel Gallagher had another bone to pick with the singer. In an interview with Kink, Noel shared his criticisms of pop musicians and the music they put out, pointing to Smith. Gallagher stated:

“Music has become quite fractured, and chart music is dominated by pop. Pop music is alright if the pop stars are cool. Sadly the pop stars of today are f*cing idiots. Sam Smith. Look at him.”

You can watch The Nightly Nuge episode and Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ performance at the 2023 Grammy’s below.