Ted Nugent Warns Fans About The George Floyd Act Which Is ‘A Partisan Attempt At Defunding The Police’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent made a controversial statement once again by sharing a new post about George Floyd on his official Facebook account.

As you might already know, George Floyd is killed by police officers during an arrest in May 2020, and this devastating incident started ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest through the whole world.

However, Ted Nugent seems like doesn’t believe this was the true story of this cause. In fact, Ted claimed that these actions and protests made just for defunding the police force.

Furthermore, Ted requested his followers in Northern Michigan to demand the senators to say no against the George Floyd act because this would be devastating for the law enforcement agencies for several reasons such as morale, retention, and recruitment.

Here is what Ted Nugent wrote:

“Stand! MI Sheriff Dale V. Clarmont, Cheboygan County Sheriff. I am requesting the Citizens of Northern Michigan to demand Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow to vote no against the George Floyd Act.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed this Act by a vote of 220 – 210 and this legislation now moves to the US Senate. The bill includes sweeping police reforms with the main concern being the elimination of Qualified Immunity for law enforcement.

This would be absolutely devastating to law enforcement agencies for several reasons: including morale, retention and recruitment. “

He continued:

“Qualified immunity allows police officers to respond to incidents without pause, make split-second decisions, and rely on their training and the current state of the law in making decisions.

The loss of qualified immunity protection would have a profound chilling effect on police officers and would limit their ability and willingness to respond to both critical incidents and routine calls for service without hesitation.
Qualified immunity does not protect officers that knowingly violate the law.

In cases where the officer’s conduct was unlawful, qualified immunity is unavailable and the case will proceed to trial. Qualified immunity does not protect a police officer from criminal charges, internal investigations and/or termination.”

Ted Nugent added:

“The George Floyd Act is a partisan attempt at ‘Defunding the Police’ and I strongly recommend, for your safety and security, that you demand that our Senators from Michigan vote no on this ‘Radical Left’ attempt at devastating law enforcement.

Law enforcement and the People of Michigan need to remember how our Michigan Senators vote.”

You can check out the post below.

Stand!!!MI Sheriff Dale V. Clarmont, Cheboygan County Sheriff I am requesting the Citizens of Northern Michigan to…

Posted by Ted Nugent on Sunday, April 11, 2021