Ted Nugent Responds To Claims About His ‘Hate’ Toward Homosexuals

Controversial rockstar Ted Nugent addressed the accusations of being homophobic in one of his recent live streams. The musician stated that he doesn’t hate anyone except haters and rapists after he denied being homophobic despite his homophobic words back in 2011.

Ted Nugent is a personality that constantly makes it to the headlines with his controversial opinions, mainly regarding the politics of America, and is known to be a strong supporter of the right-wing. He often makes live streams on his Facebook account to talk about what he thinks is wrong with the current government and events.

While he has a lot of supporters, he also attracted hate throughout the years, especially with his pro-conservative speeches. He is not afraid to go far and comfortably states his opinions despite the hatred he might get. He had once indicated that he is ‘not homophobic’ but is repulsed by gay sex and went further to say that he has gay friends. This was naturally perceived as overtly homophobic, even though he stressed that it wasn’t.

A more recent incident that may imply Nugent is homophobic happened when he made remarks about Joan Jett. The rocker claimed that she wasn’t a better guitarist than some of his male guitarist friends after Jett made it to the best guitarists of the all-time list. In his speech, he mentioned how he ‘appreciates’ and ‘likes’ that she is a lesbian, which came off as if he was teasing her sexual orientation. After that remark, he recently spoke about people blaming him for being homophobic.

He briefly stated that he doesn’t hate homosexuals and loves everybody except rapists and those who let out rapists to rape again. He went on to say that he does educational things every day, which may indicate that he is not narrow-minded about people’s sexuality. However, this brief explanation clashes with his previous words about how homosexual intercourse is repulsive.

Nugent’s explanation for accusations follows:

“Why do you hate homosexuals? Shut the f*ck up. I love everybody. I don’t love haters. I don’t love rapists. I don’t love people that let rapists out to rape again. But I record ‘Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV.’ Every day I do something smart ass, something educational, something entertaining, something profound, something tangent.”

You can watch the whole live video below.