Ted Nugent Reflects On His Plans For A Damn Yankees Reunion


In a recent conversation with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation, Ted Nugent revealed if he considered a reunion with Damn Yankees members. The musician expressed his feelings about his former bandmates and a possible upcoming project with them.

The famous supergroup, Damn Yankees, included The Amboy Dukes’ Ted Nugent, Styx’s Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger’s Jack Blades, and Michael Cartellone, who later became a Lynyrd Skynyrd member. They released an album called ‘Damn Yankees,’ and the second one, ‘Don’t Tread,’ was their last record as Nugent decided to focus on his solo career. A few years later, Shaw, Blades, and Nugent wanted to work on a new record, but it didn’t meet their expectations.

Although they reunited for several special occasions over the years, Damn Yankees didn’t record any new material that their longtime fans looked forward to hearing. In an interview, Nugent recently emphasized that they were still friends and kept in touch. He praised the other musicians’ talents and projects; Cartellone’s career with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blades’ Night Ranger works, and Shaw’s musicality and soulfulness.

Nugent said they always talked about meeting in a studio to release new records of the supergroup someday. However, it was hard to do, considering their busy schedules and the problem of finding the right time. The guitarist added that they didn’t decide on any time or other details about the reunion, but Nugent promised it would happen one day.

Sirius XM’s tweet read:

“Eddie Trunk was joined by Ted Nugent on Trunk Nation last week, and he opened up about Damn Yankees, his writing process, his relationship with Eddie Van Halen, and much more! Catch the full interview anytime you want on the Sirius XM.”

Nugent shared his ideas, saying:

We love each other, respect each other, and get a kick out of each other, keep in touch. I’m in touch with Michael, an unbelievable rhythm skill with Lynyrd Skynyrd for thirty years. Jack Blades and I talk all the time, whole Night Ranger was wonderful. Tommy Shaw is a living and breathing firestorm of musicality and soulfulness; we keep in touch, and we all proud and threaten each other ‘We’re going to get a room together for someday, and the whole hell is gonna break loose.’

There’s no time frame or specific current plans. However, the threat remains palpable, the horsome and foursome of Damn Yankees should get a room together. I promise you, Eddie Trunk, I love those guys, and I’m with you, Eddie. I hope we can rendezvous: because they are such musical forces. They’re music forces but they’re strict sh*t-kicker music forces. There’s a soulfulness to what Tommy, Jack, and Michael created every time we get together. It was nothing but a one hundred percent positive experience, and I hope that it does happen.”

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