Ted Nugent On Why Steven Tyler And Sammy Hagar Fit His ‘Great Singer Criteria’

During his recent live stream on Facebook, Ted Nugent revealed his ‘great singer criteria.’ He counted Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and former Montrose and Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar among the singers who fit these standards.

Steven Tyler has significantly impacted the rock scene, especially his appearance with the successful band Aerosmith. He has delivered the lead vocal, piano, percussion, and harmonica for the group’s works. Primarily with his lead vocals, the rocker has become a prominent figure in the rock scene. His high screams and wide singing range gained significant recognition. Tyler has been known by the nickname ‘Demon of Screamin” for his talent in vocals.

Meanwhile, Sammy Hagar contributed to the music industry as a talented vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. He initially earned success by becoming a part of Montrose and announced his name to the world. The singer continued to receive praises for his voice in his successful solo songs like ‘I Can’t Drive 55.’ In addition, throughout his appearance as the lead vocalist of Van Halen for ten years, Hagar proved his talent. Despite his age, the Red Rocker’s wide-range voice still draws attention in live performances.

Recently, Ted Nugent counted the pair among the musicians who fitted the criteria he looked for in a vocalist. As the rocker has revealed, he has decided whether the vocalist is decent or not from the veins that appeared on their forehead. According to Nugent, if the vocalist performs the songs energetically and powerfully, they are great. As he stated, Steven Tyler, along with Sammy Hagar, are two of these names whose veins appeared on their forehead during the performances.

Ted Nugent said on his Facebook live stream:

“I’ve always judged my favorite music based on how many forehead veins popped per song. James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Mitch Ryder, Bob Seger, even Kid Rock gets forehead veins popping; Steven Tyler pops the forehead veins; Sammy Hagar’s a forehead vein popper.”

Nugent emphasizes vocalists’ providing the song’s emotion with their energy and power. According to Uncle Ted, if the singer’s forehead veins appear while singing, they are an excellent vocalist, which means they give their all to the vocals. Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar are good examples of his criteria, along with James Brown, Wilson Pickett, and more.