Ted Nugent Invites Donald Trump And Ron DeSantis To Establish Peace

The tensions between former president Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis continue to rise as Trump has declared war against the governor by accusing him of playing games and calling him average. It appears Ted Nugent believes he can make peace between the two sides. In a new episode of his Nightly Nuge, Nugent invited both to sit with him.

“From my point of view, where my radar for truth, logic, and common sense never rests,” Ted Nugent began, implying he always seeks to speak the truth, “I believe that Ron DeSantis is a great conservative leader. I believe that President Donald Trump is a great conservative leader. I do not see a rift; I do not see a separation. I see that we, the people, need to unite on conservative values.”

Nugent then continued, revealing his plans to get Trump and DeSantis together, saying, “And I believe at this time, I’ll be going down to Mar-a-Lago as a guest of President Trump receiving some Gonzo, we the people, middle finger, on fire Patriot award because I’ve dedicated the last 50 years of my life doing so. And while I am in Florida with the greatest governor in America, in Florida with the greatest president in the history of America, I’m going to see if I can’t reach out and recommend that the three of us get together.”

He then addressed the former president and DeSantis, “So, Governor Ron DeSantis, congratulations and salute. President Donald Trump, we are with you. And I would recommend and invite both of you great, great patriots to sit down with Ted Nugent at your first convenient opportunity, and maybe we can strategize to make sure that the conservative, real Republican community of this country is united.”

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are rivals to lead the Republican Party, and many side with DeSantis due to his growing popularity. However, Ted Nugent believes both are great leaders, and there’s no separation between the two. According to Nugent, what’s important is uniting on conservative values — so he invites both Trump and DeSantis to sit down at Mar-A-Lago to develop a strategy on this.