Ted Nugent Gives Update On Toby Keith’s Battle With Stomach Cancer

In a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent shared that Toby Keith, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the fall of 2021, fought for his life. The rocker gave updates on Keith’s condition and said:

“I had a great conversation with the great Toby Keith today. He’s been battling this horrible cancer, and he’s lost a lot of weight, and his life was in jeopardy, but he’s strong. He’s got an attitude; he’s a defiant guy. He remains confident that they’ve got the cancer in remission. His blood work is coming out good, positive, and hopeful, so let’s add a little prayer for Toby Keith.”

Toby had recently shared positive updates about his health in a chat with ‘The Oklahoman.’ The singer added that the tumor in his stomach had shrunk by a third, and his blood tests looked good. He explained:

“I’m feeling pretty good … I’m about another eight weeks from my last scan. So I expect next time I look for that tumor to be even less — and I’ve only got one that’s shown up. Basically, everything is in a real positive trend.”

Even though cancer, as Toby explained in his interview, can be ‘unpredictable,’ the singer would like to return to the stage this fall. So, Nugent asked his audience to pray for Keith and everyone going through a difficult time by saying:

“Let’s add a little prayer for America and all the people going through tough times because everybody is. But those of us that are going through a tough time we’re not going through as tough a time as Toby Keith. So we need to be strong for the Toby Keiths’ and the people who have been hit by this horrible, horrible governmental virus. Be strong for everybody; that’s how we win this!”

You can watch Ted Nugent’s Nightly Nuge episode on Facebook here.