Ted Nugent Details How He Beat The Eagles And The Rolling Stones

Ted Nugent recently gave an interview to Song Facts as a songwriter and revealed how he achieved a higher grossing than The Eagles and The Rolling Stones back in the 1970s.

Although Nugent is nowadays more famous for his political and social commentary, he is still considered one of the most successful guitar players in America. He made his successful debut with The Amboy Dukes, then established a solo career that he still maintains pursuing. During the 1970s, he released many albums, which carried him to success.

The guitarist released his 1977 album ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ which received multi-platinum certifications. He began his commercial success with this album and quickly followed it up with the live album ‘Double Live Gonzo!’ This 1978 album received 3x platinum status in the US. Without a pause, the guitarist released two more albums, ‘Weekend Warriors’ and ‘State of Shock,’ in 1978 and 1979. This busy period made him gross more than iconic bands like the Eagles and Rolling Stones when it comes to his busy touring schedule.

In a recent interview, Nugent stated that he owed this success to the intensity he included in his songwriting and composing. Uncle Ted noted that music lacked passion, and he delivered this much-needed factor. If you ask him, fans always looked forward to his performances and shows, and people wanted to see him and hear his music. He also credited his performing band members like Rob Grange, Derek St. Holmes, and the late Cliff Davies.

Here is what Nugent said about his success:

“Intensity was lacking in a lot of music. It was the era of the dread of disco, so real rockers and real soul-music lovers saw that’s what we were delivering in unprecedented intensity. We were selling out stadiums all across the country, all around the world. Because I loved the music so much, it manifested itself into a really uniquely powerful two hours on stage.

I did my 6,768th rock-out last Friday in Panama City Beach, Florida, and it was as good as any gig I’ve ever done, which are all phenomenally powerful gigs because every gig is the most important. I’m counting sock hops, pool parties, and fraternity parties. I’ve counted every rock-out I’ve ever done, including a jam session with Eddie Van Halen, Brian May, and Rick Derringer.

He continued:

“I’ve been on stage with Heart, ZZ Top, Tim Montana, and Toby Keith. I count every gig, so that’s 6,768. Everybody who comes to a Ted Nugent concert, all you have to do is read the testimonials on my Facebook, and you’ll see we’re everybody’s favorite concert. I know it’s subjective, but that’s how we perform, and people started picking up on it.

Plus, the songs. Plus, my band: Rob Grange on bass, Derek St. Holmes on vocals and guitar, and the great Cliff Davies, God rest his soul, on drums. These guys, like all my bands, unleash the beast. Every song, every night. From graduating high school in ’67 until the early ’80s, I did anywhere from 250 to 300 concerts a year.”

You can listen to ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ below.