Ted Nugent Confirms Alice Cooper Is On His Side Against Transgender People

Ted Nugent recently complimented Alice Cooper’s stance against the transgender community during his ‘The Nightly Nudge’ show.

Cooper received backlash when he recently criticized gender-affirming care and subsequently, lost a cosmetics deal. However, Nugent seemed supportive of shock rocker, as he defended Alice, saying:

“Alice Cooper’s a dear friend. Plus he’s becoming more and more, shall I say, Christian over the years, which may have motivated him to stand up against anti-Christian stuff, which is the drag queen scourge, where they sing to little boys and girls, ‘I love it when you kiss me where I pee. That is sinful, that is dangerous, that is criminal, that is horrible. “

He carried on by sharing his own thoughts regarding the ‘gender’ controversy:

“I think Alice Cooper showed some courage when he stood up and said the self-evident truth, which is an indication of our cultural abandonment in 2023, that we have to actually have to mention that men can’t get pregnant and that women can’t actually have a penis erect in their life unless it’s one of ours.”

Nugent then further stated why Cooper’s ‘stepping up’ to tell the ‘truth’ mattered:

“The point being that Alice Cooper finally stepped up and admitted the truth that there’s only men and women, which I’ve been saying on stage, which is why my audiences every night are so special because they’re only made up of men and women. This is a beautiful acknowledgment to why my music is so sexy.”

The guitarist then also praised another fellow guitar player, Carlos Santana, who’d also previously criticized the transgender community:

“And Carlos Santana. I love Carlos. He has enriched our lives with his miraculous music. A dedicated, loving, peaceful man. But he also showed courage recently when he acknowledged — that we have to acknowledge there’s only men and women is truly an embarrassing time for mankind. But Carlos, I love you.”

Santana, soon after taking a stance against the transgender community, came forward and apologized. However, Cooper and his representatives have been silent over the matter, as the rocker didn’t issue any apology or release a comment on the matter to further clarify his views.