Ted Nugent Believes The Golden Age Of Rock Encouraged The Dumbing Down Of America

In a recent episode of the ‘Nightly Nuge, ‘ Ted Nugent shared his thoughts about the start of the golden age of rock as the catalyst for the dumbing down of Americans as they began to be more irresponsible and indifferent to what was happening in the country.

Every era of rock comes with its baggage, whether it’s good or bad, but the 1960s, with the golden age of rock, was a peak time for the genre and the counterculture movement where more prominent names like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and even The Who made music to make political statements and used their voices for social activism.

For a vibrant time for music where artists used their voices and even recently, musicians like Stevie Van Zandt tweeting about his desires to go back to the spirit of those times as a true rocker goes to show the value in that period. However, Nugent seems to disagree. In his eyes, the 1960s were the beginning of the dumbing down of America, where everyone was constantly high, and no one cared about the founding values of the country they were supposed to be contributing citizens of.

Ted Nugent’s words about the Golden Age of Rock as the start of dumbing down of America read:

“I saw the dumbing down of America on a fast track as early as the 1960s when I was attacked because I carried a gun and ate venison literally, and I wouldn’t get high; I wouldn’t take dope, I wouldn’t snort poison. I mean, I go, you’ve got to be kidding me because I was raised as a bow hunter.”

“I realized that the attacks on me were a direct result of the distancing of America from the original founding values of this great experiment in self-government, family, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, the work ethic, Law and Order, The Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, being the best that you can be, putting your heart and soul into being in the asset column taking risks, and making sacrifices so that you’re a benefit to your family the country mankind and the environment these radical original foundational values were being deteriorated intentionally by academia by the government by Hollywood even it turned out that Disney was turning against us in our inner from our youth.”

He added:

“Worse than anything I can think of is apathy, and we saw the comfortable numbnuts disconnecting from their responsibility to participate in the sacred and blood and guts paid for experiment and self-government.”

The ’60s was a very politically forward period for the genre as a whole, and for most musicians, it was indeed a time when they voiced their opinions for what they thought was best for the country. In some ways, Nugent’s description of the era as the start of everyone becoming more apathetic and less willing to participate could have been seen as counterintuitive since Nugent is an activist in his own right.