Suzi Quatro Recalls Breaking Alice Cooper’s Nose

Suzi Quatro had joined Alice Cooper on his ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ tour back in the 1970s. The musician recalled the tour in an interview with Classic Album Review when she ‘unintentionally’ gave the godfather of shock rock a broken nose as well as a black eye. She explained:

“I was a special guest. [The tour was] 80 shows. Oh my God, it was a ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ tour because it went on forever, but it was really good because there were a lot of Detroit musicians on it, so it was also visiting with old friends. I’ve known Alice forever so we had a good time.”

When Suzi was asked during the interview if she and Alice were on good terms after his broken nose, she replied:

“He should not have stuck his nose up from behind the television when we were having a dart gun fight, and I’m a good shot. That’s what happened. It was a dart gun fight it was in the hallway. We had mattresses out everybody was going a little bit crazy. He peeked out, and I pop broke his nose, black eyes and that night at the gig, he wore my t-shirt.”

The rocker had talked about the incident in previous interviews where she clarified to fans that they were still friends. Suzi shared a similar story of that night in 2021 to Metal Talk. The musician expressed:

“We are still friends! We were on the ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ tour and we had a dart gun fight in a hotel… Alice hid behind a TV and peeked out. I went bang and he thought ouch, good shot. Afterwards he wore my t-shirt onstage out of respect and we are still friends.”

You can watch Suzi Quatro’s interview with Classic Album Review below.