Stevie Van Zandt Warns Fans About Deepfake After Taylor Swift’s Explicit AI Images Surfaced

Stevie Van Zandt recently expressed concern in a tweet about deepfake technology following the circulation of AI-generated explicit images of Taylor Swift and reports of her considering legal action.

Reacting to the news of Swift, he tagged the singer in his tweet and said:

“Deepfakes need to be made illegal right now. Where are our legislators before something really serious happens? I hope she does it. Maybe it will help wake people up.”

The Deepfake Controversy Involving Taylor Swift

The incident with Swift has brought renewed attention to the issue of deepfake pornography. The AI-synthesized explicit images of the singer spread rapidly online, with one image on a particular platform being viewed 47 million times before its removal. X shared a statement, writing:

“Our teams are actively removing all identified images and taking appropriate actions against the accounts responsible for posting them.”

Political Voices Join the Call For Legislation

US politicians, including Democratic congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke and Democratic congressman Joseph Morelle, have expressed their concerns about deepfakes. Clarke said on X:

“What’s happened to Taylor Swift is nothing new. For yers, women have been targets of deepfakes [without] their consent. And [with] advancements in AI, creating deepfakes is easier & cheaper. This is an issue both sides of the aisle & even Swifties should be able to come together to solve.”

Morelle, who introduced the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act, emphasized the emotional, financial, and reputational harm caused by such images, noting that women are disproportionately affected. He condemned the Swift deepfake images as ‘sexual exploitation.’

While some US states have their own laws against deepfakes, there is an increasing demand for federal legislation. Morelle’s proposed act aims to make it illegal to share deepfake pornography without consent. As of publication time, Swift has not made a public statement regarding the deepfake images, and her US publicist had not responded to requests for comment.

See Van Zandt’s tweet below.