Stevie Van Zandt Recalls Ronnie Spector Replacing Bruce Springsteen To Save E Street Band


The bad girl of rock and roll, Ronnie Spector, recently passed away at the age of 78. Recalling Ronnie’s performance with E Street Band to save them from breaking up, Stevie Van Zandt shared a tweet about her passing to express what an honor it was to work with her.

Ronnie Spector kicked off a powerful career by forming the Ronettes in 1957 and performed together with them until 1974. Just as she was thinking about retirement, the E Street band went through a potential risk of breaking up due to some financial issues. In 1977, Bruce Springsteen was sued by his previous manager and was in such financial trouble that he couldn’t pay E Street Band members.

Instead of disbanding, the band hired Ronnie Spector as their frontwoman to make some money until Springsteen sorted his affairs. Stevie Van Zandt remembered her helping the band in his book ‘Dissatisfied love affairs,’ and mentioned the ‘sensuality and sexuality’ Ronnie had in her voice, which provide E Street Band success while Springsteen was gone.

Unfortunately, Ronnie Spector passed away on January 12, 2022. Along with many other musicians, Steven Van Zandt paid Ronnie tribute on social media. He posted a tweet to appreciate what she has done for E Street Band. Steven stated that after Ronnie joined E Street Band, she decided not to retire and continued performing for 45 more years. He praised her for saving the band and shared his condolences with her husband and family.

Here is what he tweeted:

“RIP Ronnie Spector. It was an honor to Produce her and encourage her to get back on stage, where she remained for the next 45 years. Her record with the E Street Band helped sustain us at a very precarious time (thanks to Steve Popovich). Condolences to her husband and family.”

Van Zandt and Ronnie had a brief romantic relationship when they both bonded over substance addictions. Ronnie married Jonathan Greenfield in 1982 and stayed married until her last day. The couple had two children, and he family was with her when she took her last breath and passed away from cancer.

You can see the tweet below.