Stevie Van Zandt Reacts To Dave Davies’ Reuniting With Ray Davies

Steven Van Zandt recently commented on Dave Davies’ X post about reuniting with Ray Davies at an Arsenal game. Captioning a photo of him and his brother, Davies’ post read:

“Arsenal top of the league today. I had a good time with Ray.”

Replying to the tweet, Van Zandt wrote:

“Now, that is a beautiful sight!”

Van Zandt Is Supporting A Kinks Reunion

With that, a follower joked about being glad that the E Street Band guitarist supported Arsenal. So, he explained:

“Uh… Let’s not get carried away with the sports endorsement. I support a Kinks reunion! That would inspire humanity worldwide. If Arsenal profits from that, so be it! OK with me. But as my people know, I occasionally watch American football, but I couldn’t care less about sports.”

There Is A Possibility For It

The idea of a Kinks reunion has been floating around. In a new interview with NME, Ray Davies mentioned the possibility of new music, suggesting they have enough material for a new record. Still, such a reunion might take some time, as he also noted:

“Well, it got shelved because of… other issues. But there’s still material there. When I get time.”

According to his words, Ray recorded around 20 ‘home demos’ for new tracks since the ’90s with contributions from Mick Avory and Dave Davies.

Sibling Rivalry Was Behind The Band’s Breakup

The Kinks broke up in the mid-90s because of their declining commercial status and the rising tension between the Davies brothers. Their differences caused Ray and Dave to have conflicts about the band’s creative direction in those years.

Ray explained this once to the Biography Channel by saying:

“I was the serious, deep-thinking musician. He was this crazed kid playing these amazing guitar riffs.”

From his viewpoint, Dave also shared:

“I’m not like anybody else, and I’m especially not like my brother. And vice-versa. The tension was important – until it went out of control.”

Celebrating Their 60th Year

Currently, there is no official news about a Kinks reunion. But the band’s latest compilation album for their 60th anniversary recently arrived. ‘The Journey, Pt. 2’ hit the shelves back in September.