Stevie Van Zandt Is Not Interested In Making An Album With Bruce Springsteen

Steven Van Zandt seems to have no interest in making an album with Bruce Springsteen.

When a fan recently inquired on X about Van Zandt’s intentions to record a new album while staying occupied with Springsteen, the musician responded shortly:

“Not right now.”

There has been no indication from Van Zandt regarding any new music plans in recent interviews, whether they involve solo projects or collaborations with the band.

Bruce Springsteen’s Plans On New Music

Springsteen is reportedly working on a follow-up to ‘Only the Strong Survive,’ featuring a second set of R&B and soul covers. Keyboardist David Sancious, a collaborator with Springsteen since the seventies, has hinted that the upcoming album may comprise as many as 18 tracks.

Some sources claim that it could be the following volume of his record ‘Tracks,’ which Springsteen said would include ‘five unreleased albums’ from the late eighties and nineties.

Back in November 2022, the rocker said he would continue to do a series of it, the second volume of which is still not released:

“Volume 2, I would say, is probably three-quarters recorded. I continued working in soul music because I was just having so much fun. But I thought of doing a series of these records in a variety of different genres with songs that I love.”

You can see Van Zandt’s response below.