Steven Wilson On Eric Clapton’s Confession About Prince’s Guitar Abilities

Eric Clapton and Prince’s guitar-playing abilities have been compared for a long time. Although Clapton is a more prominent name in the scene as a guitarist, Steven Wilson argued that even Clapton appreciated Prince’s talents. In a recent radio broadcast, Wilson recalled Clapton’s confession about Prince’s guitar playing.

Throughout the years, Clapton made a name for himself as one of the greatest guitar players in the scene. However, some, like Exodus’ Gary Holt, argue he is not the best. As Holt said, Clapton had no chance against Prince as he is an overrated musician who became prominent with cover songs. It turns out Steven Wilson also sides with Prince in this comparison.

“I’ve been asked to talk about my rock gods,” Steve Wilson began his words. “There is one musician that tends to spring to mind. There’s a great story, and I’d love to believe it’s true. I think it is true that when a fan or a music journalist asked Eric Clapton, ‘What’s it like to be the greatest guitar player in the world, Eric?’ He said, ‘I don’t know, why don’t you ask Prince?’ I love that story, and to me, it makes sense because Prince was underrated as a guitar player.”

“People saw him as someone that could do everything,” said Wilson, arguing Prince was a multi-talented musician. “He was a pop star, a great singer, keyboardist, and pianist; he could play the bass, play the drums, dance amazingly, and was a great producer. How many rock stars can pull off all of those things? Very few. So there you go — if I had to pick somebody as a rock God, Prince Nelson Rogers gets my vote.”

According to Steven Wilson, Eric Clapton was asked what it felt like to be the greatest guitar player in the scene, but he didn’t accept this compliment and implied Prince was better. It seems like Wilson believes this story is true, as he argued that Prince is an underrated guitar player who can pull off numerous things as a musician.