Steven Van Zandt Warns About ‘Losing’ America

Steven Van Zandt recently took to his Twitter to warn his fans, claiming they are losing America. Van Zandt then urged them to take action and revealed what they should do.

The general election for the Kansas House of Representatives will be on November 8, 2022. Currently, the Republican Party controls the seats with 86 representatives and holds the majority. On the other hand, Democratic Party has 39 representatives, with total party control of 125.

Recently, Steven Van Zandt tweeted to warn his followers that the Republican Party is on its way to winning Congress while the Democratic Party remains inactive. According to Van Zandt, America is losing in this game as Republicans are trying to make America a theocratic and fascist society.

Upon seeing Van Zandt’s tweet, one of his fans asked him about his suggestions, saying every Republican Senator is worse than Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Lea Sinema. Van Zandt then shared a post and said they would quit or be primaried. Moreover, he encouraged his fans by saying all one needs is the will to do something.

After that, the musician declared the ‘war for the soul of America’ began and said he would endorse the Topeka Democrat Patrick Schmidt, a former U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer, for Congress. He then urged his fans to join them to prove Democrats can win in Republican districts like Kansas and show support.

Van Zandt’s tweet read:

We are losing America! While the Democratic Party remains in its coma, pathetically begging for bipartisanship, the RepubliTaliban Party is winning every fight to turn us into a theocratic fascist society. 80% of SCOTUS decisions favor religion versus the government!”

Upon seeing this, one of his fans replied:

“Got any suggestions? Every Republican Senator is worse than Manchin and Sinema.”

As a response, Van Zandt said:

“You make a deal. 7 Republicans voted to impeach plump. They will quit or be primaried. There’s a deal to be made there. All you need is the will.”

In his following tweet, Van Zandt continued:

The war for the soul of America begins tomorrow! At Castamar! 28 7th Ave 6:00! I will be endorsing Patrick Schmidt for Congress. Come join us! Let’s prove tough sensible Democrats can win in Republican districts. Even Kansas! Give the max $5800 or whatever you can. See you there!”

You can check out the tweets below.