Steven Van Zandt Shares The Only Musician He Had An ‘Unpleasant’ Conversation With

Reaching worldwide success and fame undoubtedly changes a person’s character and their approach to others, may they be fans or fellow musicians. Some have been praised for their modesty and kindness, while others have been criticized for their egotistical attitude. Steven Van Zandt has interacted with many rock icons, and in his recent tweet, he named the rudest artist he has ever met.

“Most people are nice,” said Van Zandt while responding to a fan’s question about how rock ‘n’ roll legends treat those around them. Offering his insight on Chuck Berry, the musician said, “I avoided having a conversation with Chuck Berry strictly based on what I had heard.” However, even though he avoided an awkward moment with him, Steven Van Zandt had a bad experience with another rock icon.

“I only had one unpleasant conversation with an artist my whole life. Frank Zappa. I was a big fan of his. We still play him. But he was an incredible asshole.” Steven’s words on Zappa were not a huge surprise since the late musician has even been described as a ‘confirmed misanthrope‘ because he despised small talk and considered everyday social interactions a waste of time.

Steven Van Zandt is known to be one of the most friendly and sociable rockstars on the scene. Since he has been in the music industry for almost five decades, he has had the chance to collaborate and interact with several legends, including Chuck Berry and Frank Zappa. Unfortunately, it seems like Zappa left a negative impression on Van Zandt, even though the latter was a huge fan.

You can see the tweet below.