Steven Van Zandt Shares The Band That Connected Cream And Led Zeppelin

In a recent tweet, E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt talked about the ‘historical significance’ of the Jeff Beck Group by describing them as the connection between Cream and Led Zeppelin.

The Jeff Beck Group, Cream, and Led Zeppelin actually had a lot in common since they shared the rock scene during the same period. Rock, blues, and rhythm and blues were all among the influences of the three bands. As they were formed around the same time, it is not surprising that they were inspired by the popular genres of the era. Yet, all three had found a way to deliver a unique sound by incorporating new elements into their music.

The band members also knew each other, which is not surprising as well, considering they were all based in London. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, the Jeff Beck Group’s Jeff Beck, and Cream guitarist Eric Clapton were even good friends who jammed together on occasional instances. A Twitter user recently asked Steven Van Zandt whether he would nominate the Jeff Beck Group pianist Nicky Hopkins for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The E Street Band guitarist replied that he proposed the idea of nominating the Jeff Beck Group for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame years ago due to their unique place and contributions to the rock scene. Van Zandt also thinks the Jeff Beck Group forms a connection between Cream and Led Zeppelin with their style. He would want the Jeff Beck Group members Mick Waller and Tony Newman to be inducted. He also referred to Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, who were already inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, by saying they deserve the third one.

The Twitter user’s question:

“Steven Van Zandt, he is not in? This is a wrong that needs to be righted, can you, will you nominate Nicky?

Van Zandt replied:

“Years ago, I brought up putting the Jeff Beck Group into the Hall because of their historical significance and greatness. They are the link between Cream and Led Zeppelin. Micky Waller/Tony Newman would also go in, and so what if that puts Jeff and Rod in 3 times? They deserve it!”

You can check out the tweets below.