Steven Van Zandt Shares How ‘Extremely Shy’ Bruce Springsteen Became The World’s Greatest Entertainer

E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt spoke in a recent interview with BBC Radio and talked about how Bruce Springsteen’s personality changed in years.

Steven Van Zandt first joined E Street Band back in 1975, but he left to work on his solo career in 1984. However, he temporarily reunited with the band in 1995, but they have worked together ever since. In his recent conversation, Steven talked about the early days of the E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen.

The musician claimed that people would have been shocked if they could see Bruce Springsteen’s younger version. As Steven said, Bruce was a completely different person back in the day. He was shy and would stare at his feet while performing on stage, barely saying anything to anybody.

According to Steven, Bruce had his ‘own revolution.’ He went from being extremely shy to becoming the world’s greatest entertainer in just a matter of years. Then, Steven expressed his happiness for having the chance to watch it happen.

Steven Van Zandt on the evolution of Bruce:

“Seeing what he became since we were kids, no one would believe it. You see pictures of grunge guys with long hair, sort of staring at their shoes while they play – well, that was him. That was both of us, really.

He had his own revolution, he went from being extremely shy, barely said a word to anybody to the world’s greatest entertainer. I watched it happen. I talk about it in several stages in the book. It’s not the definitive Bruce and the E-Street Band book, anybody who wants that shouldn’t buy this book. They should go for Max Weinberg’s book.”

You can check out the full conversation below.