Steven Van Zandt Says The Beatles Were The Kings Of Pop Not Michael Jackson


E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt tweeted that he believed the King of Pop title belonged to The Beatles rather than Michael Jackson.

After the pandemic, E Street Band decided to take a bit longer to get back on stage. They announced that their new world tour would begin on April 28, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain­, and end on July 25, 2023, in Monza, Italy.

As fans get ready for the long-awaited tour in 2023, Stevie Van Zandt, who has released more than ten studio albums with Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band, has kept in touch with their fans over Twitter. One of the topics they talked about was the idea of the King of Pop and the potential icons on the list.

After Van Zandt was asked if he had spent time with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, he replied that he considered The Beatles as the Kings of Pop rather than Michael Jackson. He stated that even though a dream collaboration with MJ would have been the greatest live show production in history, he mentioned that Prince’s ‘Sign O’ The Times’ show was the greatest one ever in that category. Van Zandt also said Prince’s guitar playing was initially a bit of a prop; however, it got better in time.

Stevie Van Zandt’s tweet about the kings of pop music is as follows:

The Beatles were the Kings Of Pop if you ask me. (or arguably Elvis Presley).”

Stevie Van Zandt’s tweet about how Prince’s Sign of Times will always be better than MJ’s live production show read:

“That show would have been the greatest live show production in history. Great that they filmed the rehearsals. But until it gets beat, that record will always be held by Prince’s Sign Of The Times.

Stevie Van Zandt’s response to a fan about him and Nils Lofgren working on Purple Rain solo read:

Prince ended up very appreciated. I got into him early and saw every tour. He got better every year. At first, it was a bit of a prop; by Purple Rain, he was great.”

You can see the tweets below.