Steven Van Zandt Says The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ Became Too Politically Incorrect For Contemporary Sensibility

E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt shared his thoughts on the Beatles’ movie ‘Help!’ in his recent Twitter post. For the guitarist, the film is politically incorrect in today’s environment.

Besides the applauded songs they produced during their career, the Beatles also starred in several movies, including ‘Help!‘ which premiered at the London Pavilion Theatre on July 29, 1965. It marked the band’s second major film after 1964’s ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ The movie is a musical comedy adventure that portrays the group coming up against an evil cult.

The main driving force of the plot is this Asian religious cult obsessed with human sacrifice. They chase after Ringo Starr to retrieve the sacrificial ring stuck on his finger by murdering him. We see the band try to protect Starr while working on their new album. The film received praise for its sense of humor and sarcasm.

In his previous Twitter post, Steven Van Zandt praised the Beatles’ fantastic acting talents in the first three movies they made. Then, a user wrote that ‘Help!’ is a highly underrated film from their catalog. The guitarist confirmed the user by saying that it is never shown though it is his favorite Beatles movie.

However, Van Zandt also revealed that he considers that the film can be labeled politically incorrect due to the fragile sensitivities in the contemporary world. Yet, the guitarist thinks anything, including religion, should be humorous material.

Steven Van Zandt’s words on the Beatles’ artistic qualities:

“The Beatles not only had amazing talent, but they had some amazing luck along the way also. The first three movies are the greatest examples. Works of absolute artistic brilliance by the most incredible arbitrary, capricious circumstances, most of which they approved, but just appeared.”

The user’s reply to the guitarist:

“‘Help!’ is massively underrated Stevie, a classic.”

Van Zandt’s comments on the movie follow:

“It’s my favorite, and it’s never shown. I’ve got a feeling it’s become too dangerously politically incorrect for the fragile contemporary sensibility. It’s hilarious and made me (and George Harrison!) an India-phile! A sense of humor is essential. Especially with religion.”

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