Steven Van Zandt Says Ringo Starr Almost Changed The Beatles’ Destiny

In a recent conversation with Louder Sound, E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt revealed that if Ringo Starr‘s plan of emigration to the United States had come true, he could’ve entirely changed the Beatles’ future.

While the Beatles’ John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison were together when the band was formed, Ringo Starr joined them later in 1962 following his departure from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He had already met the other Beatles members while on tour with the Hurricanes in Hamburg. Although Starr faced an unfavorable reaction from the fans who preferred Pete Best instead of him, they embraced the drummer afterward.

Speaking on his memories with Ringo Starr in a new interview, Steven Van Zandt recalled a conversation regarding the drummer’s early career. While playing in Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Starr didn’t see a future in the band’s musical journey. He didn’t think that they would’ve gotten a record deal. So, he considered emigrating to the United States due to his interest in becoming a cowboy.

The musician also thought he could’ve found more musical opportunities in the States. Even though he tried hard to emigrate, he couldn’t go since he failed to complete the required procedures. Ringo Starr had dyslexia and other illnesses, which prevented him from attending school regularly. Thus, he couldn’t prepare the needed papers and stayed in the United Kingdom.

Steven Van Zandt’s words on Ringo Starr’s failed emigration plan:

“Once we had a conversation about the early days of Rory Storm And The Hurricanes and how it was all about the cowboy thing in Liverpool, the C&W names, the Chet Atkins licks. He told me he was going to emigrate when that band was demoing because they didn’t look close to a deal.

He was desperately trying to go to the States. He wanted to live in Texas and become a cowboy. The trouble was he was dyslexic: because he was so sick as a kid, he never went to school, and therefore he couldn’t fill out the official forms. That was the only reason why he didn’t emigrate, which was funny. Talk about f*cking destiny or karma. I believe his next band did alright.”

E Street Band guitarist humorously said that Ringo’s next band, the Beatles, did a good job in the music scene. So, it is fair to say that Starr’s unsuccessful emigration plan changed the Beatles’ destiny since any other drummer would probably miss the perfect harmony he had with the rest of the band.