Steven Van Zandt Says He’s Getting PTSD From His Country’s Reaction To Russian Invasion

E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt recently shared a post on his official Twitter account to reply to a comment criticizing the US for not getting involved to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The guitarist said that he is even getting PTSD due to this issue.

The war between Russia and Ukraine that started in February 2022 still continues. Russia continues to build up its military forces in eastern Ukraine. Most governments are united in support of Ukraine nowadays to provide economic, military, and humanitarian assistance to the country. The issue has generated much debate in America, as it has also done in other countries.

How the US should respond to the invasion has been a widely discussed topic. America has provided support for Ukraine in various matters so far as most countries have done but whether the country has provided the right amount of support to Ukraine is still a question of debate. Some think that the US should be providing more support to Ukraine, while others say it is providing too much support.

Steven Van Zandt, who has been actively using his Twitter account to comment on political issues, recently reflected on how his country has handled this issue. A user criticized the US for not getting involved to stop the war in Ukraine. Upon seeing that, the guitarist wrote that he is seriously getting PTSD due to his country’s reaction. For him, this lack of intervention is definitely the worst mistake that the US has made. He would prefer his country to make something more to stop the war, so he is pretty much disappointed by the current response.

The user’s comment on the US involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war:

“So frustrating, it’s like watching a person getting repeatedly stabbed or raped and just watching it happen and saying ‘Oh that’s wrong’ but not getting involved to stop it.”

Steven Van Zandt’s reaction to the tweet:

I swear I’m getting PTSD from this. This is deeply depressing down to my soul. I have been criticizing our country from a patriotic point of view my whole adult life for the mistakes we have made. But this is by far the worst. I will never again feel the same way about my country.”

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