Steven Van Zandt Says He’s Frustrated By The Questions About Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt shared a post on his official Twitter account reacting to the constant questions regarding his band. The musician sounded like he’s tired of being asked about the band and Springsteen as he stated that his Twitter account isn’t about sharing E Street news.

As many of you might know, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt have a long history of friendship since they have known each other from when they were both musicians in Jersey Shore. They first met in 1965 at the Hullabaloo club in Middletown and became close friends.

After performing together in numerous bands such as Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band, Steven Van Zandt started touring with E Street Band and officially joined them on July 20, 1975. Van Zandt contributed immensely to their music, especially during the band’s early years.

Van Zandt abruptly left the band in 1984 due to his close friend Springsteen. Despite their differences, the guitarist appeared as a special guest at some of their concerts as well as in a couple of their music videos. After spending 15 years away from the band, the rocker returned to the E Street Band when it was reformed in 1995.

Since then, Steven Van Zandt has been the second most visible person in the band after Bruce Springsteen as he shares the microphone with his bandmate during live performances. While he’s no longer the lead guitarist of the E Street Band, he’s still one of the most essential and well-known band members, according to fans.

That must be why fans keep asking him questions on Twitter regarding the band and Bruce Springsteen’s solo career. Recently, a fan asked him if Springsteen’s tour would be announced soon. Van Zandt shared a tweet simply saying he’s doesn’t want to announce E Street news on his account.

A fan asked about Bruce Springsteen:

“Is the Bruce Springsteen tour going to be announced tomorrow because Houston is announcing a Huge Show tomorrow morning?”

Steven Van Zandt replied with this tweet:

“Making E Street news ain’t my thing.”

Eventually, other fans got involved in the entire situation, and some responded by criticizing the guitarist for his ‘weird answer.’ Thus, Van Zandt shared another tweet, stressing that he didn’t create his social media platforms to give the latest updates on the E Street Band and Springsteen.

Another fan wasn’t satisfied with the rocker’s statement and said that a nicer answer would conclude the entire discussion. At that point, Steven Van Zandt wanted to make it clear that he is not using Twitter to answer questions regarding the E Street Band or Bruce Springsteen. Therefore, he stated that fans looking for answers about those topics should go somewhere else.

In his tweet, Zandt penned:

“What ain’t us? As I have mentioned several times previously, I’m not here to answer questions or offer comments regarding E Street. You must go elsewhere for that.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.